April 1st, 2023

Officially launching SOON!...

Be a co-host influencer, or you could be one of our champions/ audience players or you could possibly answer 20 questions for the quiz portion of the broadcast. There is no prize for answering 20 questions other than getting exposure for your website/projects etc. 


Win money and prizes just for making referrals. Below is the link to make referrals as well as for those referrals to sign up directly, which they must do in addition to your referral registration for them.

Pardon our appearance while we complete some behind the scenes improvements. At this time we are leaving this up for discussion purposes.

We have designed an interactive game show were 90% of all profits are put back in to "production value" and of that production value the largest share goes towards rewarding those that follow and participate through contests and prizes and the remainder of the 90% goes in to the viral entertainment production aspect of the show. We have a funduciary responsibility to my careholders, it's our responsibility to make sure that our participants and viewers enjoy their interaction with the show above all. We believe that if our emphasis is on contributing something positive to the world, that eventually 10% will be more than adequate to meet our needs.




@2018 by Viral Game Show

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